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Christian Education Network

The Professional Website of Timothy W. Brock

Christian Education Network (CEN) is a consulting service and resourcing network designed to provide ideas, services, and resources for people interested in Christian education, in general, and in spiritual formation, in particular, in congregational and institutional contexts. These include:

  • program materials to facilitate Christian education ministry in the congregational context,
  • resources to facilitate Bible study in the congregational context,
  • a Bible study and personal assessment inventory on spiritual gifts in the congregational context,
  • resources for personal and spiritual formation,
  • workshops and consulting services, and
  • individual and group spiritual direction.

CEN was created by Timothy W. Brock. Dr. Brock is an ordained Baptist (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Alliance of Baptists) minister, Christian educator, spiritual director, and divinity school professor.

Most elements of the website may be accessed by any interested Christian educator. Certain elements may be accessed only by persons registered on the website. To register, click the LOGIN button on the top, right of the HOME page and provide the requested information.

Again, welcome to Christian Education Network!

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