Sunday, September 21, 2014
Creating the "Perfect" Adult Sunday School Class

Developed for adult Sunday School administrators, teachers, and class leaders, this seminar is designed to identify the role or roles of Sunday School in the life of the local congregation.  The workshop is based on the assumption that each class can be “perfect” if it has an intentionally-chosen identity and mission that compliments the overall ministry of its congregation.

The seminar is conducted in two parts:

  • First, Dr. Brock meets with administrators, teachers, and representatives from each adult class.  The group goes through a specific process to explore why people attend Sunday School in general (a needs assessment process) and what needs are being met by each class. At the conclusion of this session, each class is given a “homework” assignment--a discussion process to be conducted in each class.
  • In the second part of the consultation (conducted a few weeks later), the leaders from each class meet for a second time to share the results of their homework and to plan for future Sunday School activities.

This workshop has been offered at Fredericksburg (VA) Baptist Church, Bon Air (VA) Baptist Church, First Baptist Church Huntsville (AL), and First Baptist Church Greensboro (NC).

Contact Dr. Brock at TimWBrock@aol.com for more information about this strategic planning process.

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